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Guidant Defibrillator Recall
Guidant recalled nearly 50,000 cardiac defibrillators that were implanted in patients around the world due to defects that cause them to short-circuit. This could result in serious injury and possible death. Approximately 38,000 defibrillators have been implanted in patients in the United States alone.
Image Models which have been recalled due to defects: Contak® TR Discovery® Discovery II Intelis II Meridian® Pulsar Pulsar® Max Pulsar Max II Virtus Plus® II Despite Guidant's knowledge of the dangers, the defective defibrillators remained in patients for over three years, causing the patients to suffer unnecessary pain, suffering, and death. Guidant, who is being acquired by Johnson & Johnson, also kept physicians in the dark regarding the safety and dangers regarding these now-recalled defibrillators, which infuriated cardiologists nationwide about the company's acts and omissions. Contact us today! Our firm will evaluate your case for free. Call 1-866-374-0338 or fill out our online form.
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