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Child Sexual Abuse

There cannot be any more pressing concern then the complete and total eradication of child sexual abuse. In my humble opinion, this can only be effectively achieved by two initiatives: (1) the instilling of a pervasive societal attitude of zero tolerance; and (2) the identification of each and every child molester out there.


As a lawyer, I urge victims to step forward and give a full statement of their abuse to the local police. This is really the only way to tag each child molester.

As the Quebec poster poignantly suggests (pictured), and at the very least, "sexual abuse kills childhood".

The police will only press charges if they feel they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt and, hopefully, they will have victim services in place to prepare and assist you in the ordeal of a court hearing, if the aggressor does not plead guilty.

In addition, a local lawyer should be approached to consider a civil suit against the aggressor (look for a competent, compassionate and mature lawyer - these are difficult cases).

Again, care should be taken by the lawyer to ensure that the victim is not re-victimized by the court process. Confidentiality and fast-track litigation strategies are critical to the successful criminal and civil action.

The victim may well be called to testify if the claim is denied by the aggressor but, ultimately, she or he could benefit from a public and formal declaration of culpability and liability which should assist her or him in putting the events behind them and understanding and coming face to face with the truth: that you were not responsible; that the aggressor always bears full responsibility for the incident(s). And, we'll have tagged another child sexual abuse offender.

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