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Asbestos Attorney - Asbestos Lawyer - Mesothelioma Lawsuits

An asbestos attorney is a specialist attorney who prepares for class action litigation that seeks to bring reasonable and fair compensation for pain and suffering and increased mortality that has come to be associated with asbestos exposure and consequently mesothelioma cancer. There have been scores of mesothelioma lawsuits that have been awarded huge settlements running to tens of millions of dollars. These settlements are awarded on the basis of corporate supplier and environmental records whereby it has been established that the victim’s health has been affected due to the asbestos traced to the workplace.

Asbestos lawyers seek to bring justice and compensation to older American workers who worked in industrial, construction and shipbuilding industries in addition to drywall insulation products industries. These workers were placed at risk due to asbestos exposure. The children of parents working in military industrial environments during the World War II were also at risk on account of the asbestos dust clinging to the work clothing. The gestational period of the last few decades then led to the cascading number of malignant mesothelioma cases.

Mesothelioma is characterized by underlying symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, reduced appetite, and weight loss and swelling of the abdomen. The diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory biopsy reports. It is up to the asbestos attorney to determine whether the employment records reflect the known and verified asbestos exposure period. Due to the rise in the number of fraudulent cases, the asbestos lawyer must carefully work out the asbestos lawsuit. Most asbestos attorneys work on a contingency or performance fee that hovers around 40% of the future settlements.

An asbestos attorney will frequently name the employer of the victim as one of the defendants. The manufacturer of the material containing asbestos can be another defendant. Such cases can be grouped as personal injury or wrongful death. The asbestos lawyer will file a suit of personal injury when the individual brings the mesothelioma lawsuit on his own behalf after having been diagnosed. The wrongful death suit has to be filed by an asbestos attorney on behalf of the deceased victim.

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